Bill Frye published in The Fuelhandler magazine

Bill Frye, LEED AP

William Frye, a senior project engineer at C&S, was published in the September 2012 issue of The Fuelhandler magazine. The magazine is the official magazine for the National Petroleum Management Association (NPMA), which represents the aviation fuelling community and their overall aim┬áto safely transfer clean, dry fuel into aircraft. Bill’s article discusses minimum standards required for aviation fuel facilities, which are regulated for fire safety, environmental protection, and fuel quality.

“Aviation fuel facilities are a critical component of air travel infrastructure. Commercial airlines, cargo transporters and private pilots rely on the safety and reliability of fuelling facilities. At large commercial service airports, facilities can store tens of millions of gallons of flammable and combustible liquids, and have a daily throughput in the millions of gallons. Some facilities transfer fuel at flow rates exceeding 10,000 gallons per minute at pressures measured in the hundreds of pounds per square inch. With these flow rates and pressures, the risks are great. Regulations and standards are issued to ensure flight safety and to protect property, human health and the environment.”

Read the article at The Fuelhandler’s website.

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