C&S to design runway extension at Providence T.F. Green Airport

C&S was selected by the Rhode Island Airport Corporation to design and manage the construction of a $40 million, 1,534-foot extension to Runway 5 at Providence’s T. F Green International Airport. The project also includes an extension of Taxiway M and construction of a new holding bay. An engineered material arresting system will be installed for the Runway 5 safety area. New airfield lighting, signage, and markings along the extended portions of Runway 5-23 and Taxiway M will be completed. The airport’s Airport Lighting Control and Monitoring System and electrical vault will be updated as needed. An embankment for the extension and surrounding runway safety area and project site will be constructed. A new FAA-owned approach lighting system will be installed and existing FAA-owned instrument landing system components and associated infrastructure will be relocated. The existing perimeter service road and perimeter fencing will be relocated. Finally, historical and cultural resources, such as cemetery monuments and potential Native American concerns will be mitigated.

For more information about this project, contact Matt Wenham, P.E., ENV SP, at mwenham@cscos.com or (216) 619-5449.