Phoenix Sky Harbor West Hold Bay Pavement Rehabilitation

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has more than 1,500 flights and serves over 100,000 passengers on a daily basis. The airport is owned and operated by the City of Phoenix. C&S was selected to provide design services and construction administration for the west hold bay area pavement reconstruction. C&S provided survey, civil design, geotechnical investigations, pavement design, evaluated pavement design alternatives, prepared construction plans and specifications, and cost estimates. This project includes pavement improvements to approximately 94,000 square yards of the west hold bay. The west hold bay is located adjacent to Taxiway C, just north of the Terminal 2 parking garage. This area of the airport is used primarily by U.S. Airways as a holding bay for commercial passenger aircraft when they are waiting for the appropriate terminal gate. At times, the apron is also used as a remain overnight apron, and fueling operations sometimes take place there. The existing apron was asphalt concrete pavement in fair to poor condition, and had the potential to create foreign object debris, which can be hazardous to the aircraft operations. The design was unique in that there was a combination of asphalt concrete pavement and Portland cement concrete pavement (PCCP). The asphalt was used in non-aircraft areas, while the PCCP was used strictly in the aircraft travel areas. In addition, the design had to accommodate numerous monitoring wells and piping associated with the wells, which were at varying depths and locations in the project area. C&S completed the design of this project in less than ten weeks, including obtaining survey and geotechnical results.