San Diego County Airports On-Call Consultant

C&S was selected in 2009 for a 5-year term contract for up to $1 million by the County of San Diego Airport Division for on-call architectural, engineering services at San Diego County airports, including Fallbrook Airpark, McClellan-Palomar Airport, Gillespie Field, Ramona Airport, Borrego Airport, and Jucumba Airport. Tasks orders issued to date include:

  • Developing plans and specifications for completed electrical, lighting and signage upgrade at Borrego Valley. The project was designed with complete LED lighting and included a full life cycle costs analysis. Estimated construction cost: $2.9 million.
  • Developing plans and specifications for a perimeter service road for Gillespie Field. Estimated construction cost: $1.4 million.
  • Part 77 surface evaluation for McClellan-Palomar.
  • Modification to airport design standards including complete apron marking plan for new start up airline California Pacific Airlines. We also reviewed all data for the EMB-170 and simulations for the arrival of the new aircraft fleet.
  • Airport emergency plan document for McClellan-Palomar.
  • Airport security plan upgrade for McClellan-Palomar.
  • Passenger and office terminal upgrades and design for McClellan-Palomar.
  • Conducted a parachute study for Fallbrook.
  • Airport surveys at Ramona.
  • Performed community outreach efforts for neighborhoods surrounding Gillespie Field.

In addition, general civil engineering tasks may include developing plans and specifications for design of sewer lines, septic systems, waterlines, dry utilities (cable, phone, etc.), catch basins, irrigation systems, landscaping, drainage studies, drainage design, soils engineering, building pad preparation, architectural design considerations, grading and slope design, retaining wall design, storm water design (permanent and temporary), asphalt and concrete design usage, fencing, parking lot design, fire suppression, easement and utility research, and AutoCAD drawings and/or file updates.