San Diego International Airport Air Quality Management Plan and VALE Application

San Diego International Airport is located in downtown San Diego on 661 acres of bay-front property. The airport is owned and operated by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA). C&S developed an air quality management plan for the airport. C&S helped the airport develop a baseline emission inventory for both greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants and address a memorandum of understanding with the state attorney general and a California Coastal Commission permit. C&S also identified future emissions reduction opportunities and funding and incorporated the air quality management plan into airport sustainability policy and assist in achieving ACI-NA environmental goals. The baseline emissions inventory for SAN was prepared to identify emission sources and conditions using up-to-date information and data. The emissions inventory included both the criteria pollutants as well as greenhouse gases associated with the development and operation of the airport. Aircraft represent the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions associated with SAN, comprising more than 90 percent of the estimated emission total. Airport Authority owned or controlled emission sources comprise only 1.5 percent of the estimated total emissions. The SDCRAA agreed to a memorandum of understanding with the attorney general of the state of California to address the reduction of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions at SAN. The MOU outlines specific measures to implement to limit the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the airport, including installing landside power and pre-conditioned air at all new or refurbished gates, developing a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with aircraft by 20% by 2015, implementing an incentive program to convert airport shuttles to electric or alternative fuels,  and working with tenants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the airport. The C&S team quantified the greenhouse gas reductions and developed a strategy to implement the measures. The air quality management plan also developed a report identifying airside and landside emission reduction opportunities. The recommendations made in the AQMP not only impacted the Airport Authority but many of the stakeholder and tenants located at the airport. Due to this, stakeholder outreach played a major role in the development of the AQMP. Stakeholder workshops with airlines, air cargo operators, shuttle operators, and additional tenants took place throughout the AQMP development. C&S was later retained by the SDCRAA to prepare a FAA Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) grant application for funding of gate electrification and preconditioned air on 10 boarding bridges as part of the SDCRAA’s “Green Build” expansion. The FAA issued a VALE grant for approximately $2.1 million in October 2011.