San Diego International Airport Receiving and Distribution Center

C&S was the project management and construction management lead for a team of consultants who developed a new $8.7 million receiving and distribution center (RDC) at San Diego International Airport. This project was developed through a public-private partnership between Aviation Facilities Company, Inc., (AFCO) and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority for the financing, design, and building of the RDC. The 17,580-square-foot facility is located on the north side of the airport and serves as the main screening and distribution center for airport concessions. The building includes employee offices, a secure screening area, a non-secure delivery area, dry/cold/freezer storage, and operations support space. The 1.49-acre site also includes landscaping, loading docks, and employee parking.

C&S led an integrated project delivery method for this project, which involved comprehensive collaboration among team members from pre-design through construction. By including all entities in the decision-making process, unique and synergistic opportunities were identified and implemented; additionally, this method helped limit the number of time-consuming and costly change orders.

C&S was also responsible for civil site design and LEED administration. The Airport Authority originally specified that the project team should pursue LEED Silver, but through mindfulness, hard work, and dedication of both the consultant team and the Airport Authority, C&S was able achieve LEED Gold certification by incorporating additional sustainable components into the building’s design and construction. The completed project site includes drought-tolerant landscaping, which will require no irrigation following plant establishment; light-colored roofing and paving materials to reduce heat island effect; preferred parking for carpooling and energy-efficient vehicles; solar domestic hot water system; bicycle storage and shower facilities; lighting and climate control systems; and water-efficient plumbing fixtures. These elements and others could potentially contribute to a 40 percent reduction of potable water use and a 27 percent reduction in energy use compared to a traditional building.

Construction of the facility began in March 2012 and was completed in eight months. Following minor tenant improvements, Bradford Airport Logistics, Inc., began operating the RDC in November 2012. The building received LEED Gold certification in February 2013.