United States Army Corps of Engineers Fort Drum Child Development Center Commissioning

C&S served as the Commissioning Authority for the newly constructed Child Development Center (building 10780) located on Fort Drum in Northern New York. The facility is approximately 17,000 gross square feet, and is used as a daycare center for children under the age of six years old. The facility has nine rooms that are used for instructional and/or activity space for the children, each with dedicated restroom facilities and storage space. There is also a full-service kitchen equipped with dry storage and a walk-in cooler, as well as a small laundry room. There are a number of administration areas, including offices, a break room, a training room, and a reception/waiting area.

The HVAC system in the building is primarily a water-to-air heat pump system. The heat pumps absorb and reject heat through a geothermal well field adjacent to the building. The heat pump loop uses variable speed pumps to circulate a glycol/water solution through the building. Ventilation air is provided by an air-to-air, wheel-type heat recovery unit that recovers heat from exhaust leaving the building. The unit has two hot water coils (pre-heat and reheat), and provides tempered outdoor air directly to the heat pumps. Hot water for the coils is provided by two natural gas fired condensing boilers. The student rooms are served by the heat pumps as well as an in-floor radiant heat system. Domestic hot water is provided by an indirect-fired hot water heater (using the building’s hot water loop), and lighting controls include various occupancy sensors.

C&S provided commissioning services in accordance with US Army Corps of Engineers guidelines, as well as LEED for New Construction (v2.2) for both Energy and Atmosphere prerequisite #1, Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems, and credit #3, Enhanced Commissioning. The facility was awarded LEED Gold certification in November 2011.