MRI Expansion

RoswellParkMRIC&S provided HVAC, life safety, plumbing, and medical gas engineering design services for a new MRI addition on the second floor of the existing hospital at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute located in Buffalo, New York. At the time of design, the MRI vendor had not been selected by the hospital. C&S was required to review the needs of all the manufacturers being considered to effect proper design of the MRI and the suite. The design solutions insured that the HVAC system will satisfy the environmental requirements of any MRI system that would be installed.

C&S evaluated several air handling scenarios to assist the hospital in determining their best course of action for serving the MRI and future expansions of the hospital. A rooftop unit using existing natural gas and electric cooling was selected as their most cost effective solution. This approach minimized functional and operational concerns. Existing hospital chilled water systems were used for cooling the MRI and support equipment, and the system was provided with a cartridge filter to eliminate the possibility of any contaminates entering the MRI, or other equipment.

Special attention was devoted to insuring that there was no use of ferrous metals inside of the MRI room due the possibility of the strong attraction to the magnet itself and possible damage and injury that could occur with ferrous metals. All penetration of the MRI walls and ceilings were shielded with ‘wave guides’.

Conditioning of the equipment room was accomplished with a stand-alone ‘computer room’ type unit that used the existing chilled water for cooling and also provides humidification and electric reheat.

Air delivered to the MRI suite is required to be constant volume to maintain pressure relationships and air quantity. Pressure independent constant volume reheat boxes were used to meet this requirement. Hot water from the hospital was extended to the boxes. Air delivered to the box inlet is 57 degrees Fahrenheit, and the space thermostats cycle the hot water control valves to maintain the desired temperature for the space. The temperature controls for the project are an extension of the existing DDC controls in the hospital.