Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Physical Needs Assessments Database

BMHA_DatabaseC&S assessed site, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communication, fire protection, life safety and security conditions in 406 buildings containing 4,655 apartment units for the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority. The authority commissioned the five-to-twenty-year HUD-required assessment and reporting to identify actions needed to correct deficiencies. The report notes necessary improvements, including probable construction cost estimates.

C&S documented the physical conditions of the building and site using two 6-person, multi-disciplined teams of architects and engineers. The teams evaluated 66 different building systems across the developments located on 27 different sites.
Along with the existing condition of the buildings, C&S evaluated the buildings’ design, age, and intended use to form the basis for a list of recommended actions. C&S prepared order-of-magnitude cost estimates for the recommendations. The final comprehensive technical report included the methodology, findings, assessments and recommendations.

C&S developed a web-based database system that was used for the collection and analysis of the field-obtained assessment information, including technical field photography, collection of the property management staff commentary, and input of recommended actions along with the associated costs. The database system, as delivered to the authority, provides the capability to execute a diverse range of sorting, selecting and reporting operations.