Clearwire Wireless Broadband Network Design Services

Clearwire Corporation is a wireless broadband service provider offering a robust suite of advanced high-speed internet services to customers throughout the United States. Originally founded in 2003, Clearwire quickly began developing the nation’s first wireless broadband network to use WIMAX technology. As part of a multi-year plan, Clearwire began their network by designing Expedience markets for major metropolitan areas across the country.

C&S supported Clearwire’s initial network deployment by providing design services for 13 different Expedience markets in nine different states. Project locations include Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany, N.Y., Washington D.C., F.L., M.I., O.H., P.A., R.I., T.N., and V.T.

Design services have included the performance of engineering site walks and the preparation of lease, zoning, and construction drawings. Additional services include the performance of geotechnical investigations, structural reviews for existing towers, structural designs for rooftop installations, topographic and boundary surveys, and NEPA reviews.

A typical Clearwire site consists of three sectors, each with a panel antenna and dish, installed upon a communications structure with an equipment cabinet located at the base of the structure. Such structures generally consist of unmanned towers, water tanks, or rooftops. C&S has also designed more specialized installations, including both raw land and stealth sites.

C&S continues to provide similar services for both Expedience and WIMAX markets. To date, C&S has designed more than 1,200 sites for Clearwire, including more than 300 rooftop installations.