Cricket Communications Wireless Broadband Network Design Services

Cricket Communications is a provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services to customers within specific local calling areas throughout the United States. C&S has supported Cricket’s network development by providing site/civil design services for more than 250 new sites since 2006, and continues to provide services on an on-going basis. C&S has completed projects in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Design services provided by C&S include the performance of engineering site design walks and the preparation of lease, zoning, and construction drawings. In addition, C&S has provided geotechnical investigations, structural reviews for existing towers and rooftops, and structural designs for existing tower and rooftop retrofits. Additional services provided to Cricket have included the performance of topographic and boundary surveys and assistance with applicable permitting.

A typical Cricket site consists of antenna installations on unmanned towers, water tanks, or rooftops. C&S has also designed more specialized installation including both raw land and stealth sites. Cricket’s radio equipment is typically installed on a concrete pad or steel support frame.

Design fees for services provided to Cricket have totalled approximately $1.1 million.