General Dynamics Wireless Communication Site Assessments

General Dynamics, developer of the Rescue 21 system, was retained by the United States Coast Guard to implement the Coast Guard’s Rescue 21 program. The program is a phased, multi-year plan to installcommunication and location identification systems at strategic locations along navigablewaterways throughout the United States.

C&S was retained by General Dynamics to provide architectural, site design, facility design, and construction administration services associated with 186 Rescue 21 sites in the following locations:

Montville, C.T. (19)

Key West, F.L. (31)

Brunswick, G.A. (31)

Detroit, M.I. (9)

Keeseville, N.Y. (19)

Highland, N.J. (19)

Mt. Laurel, N.J. (15)

Cleveland, O.H. (9)

Virginia Beach, V.A. (15)

Burlington, V.T. (19)

These sites are remote (i.e., ordinarily unmanned) communication transmitting/receiving sites located on new or existing structures. Architectural and engineering site services included topographic surveys, boundary surveys, FEMA flood risk assessments, seismic assessments, and permit lease exhibits for the proposed sites. Architectural and engineering facility design activities included conducting geotechnical investigations, soil resistivity, site designs of compound areas, structural analyses of existing towers, structural designs and details of retrofits of existing structures to accommodate the new system equipment, structural design of platforms, and electrical designs to ensure compatibility between the available utilities and the requirements of the Rescue 21 system.

Construction administration activities included product submittal reviews; consultations with General Dynamics, the Coast Guard and the construction contractor regarding construction activities; site inspections; and the preparation of record drawings.

Fees for services totaled over $800,000.