Lockheed Martin Vessel Traffic Infomation Management

Lockheed Martin is a leading developer of Vessel Traffic Information Management Systems, or VTIMS. These systems, which use radar technology, are designed to increase safety and efficiency in ports and navigable waterways and are adaptable for installation virtually anywhere in the world. C&S was retained by Lockheed Martin to assist them with the installation of a VTIMS system for the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Gulf of Suez. This system, when completed, will coordinate the flow of vessel traffic in and through the gulf to facilitate a safe and orderly passage of ships.

As a consultant to Lockheed Martin, C&S provided project management services for the civil and facilities segments of the system design and construction. Responsibilities included participation in the site evaluation and selection process; preparation of geotechnical and topographic survey statements of work for in-country third party subcontractors; coordination and oversight of the geotechnical field investigations; preparation of design and construction statements of work for an in-country design/build firm retained by Lockheed Martin; preparation of statements of work, and vendor coordination assistance, for the procurement of antenna towers, diesel generators, fuel storage tanks, and uninterruptible power supply systems; quality control oversight and reviews of the design/build firm’s design packages; and preparation of system equipment installation drawings for 25 sites.

C&S also provided construction administration services, including: participation in client/contractor consultations, attendance at job progress meetings, preparation of project change orders, review and evaluation of contractor submittals, assistance in facility system start-ups and O&M testing, and site inspections for the 25 sites.

The Gulf of Suez VTIMS project was a two-year program. Aggregate fees for C&S’s services were in excess of $650,000.