T-Mobile USA Wireless Broadband Network Design Services

T-Mobile USA is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services to customers throughout the United States.

C&S has supported T-Mobile’s network development by providing site/civil design services for approximately 150 new sites throughout N.Y., N.J., and V.T., since 1994. C&S has provided similar services on a variety of site upgrades, including generator installations, antenna performance upgrades, and UMTS installations, for approximately 200 sites, and will continue to provide these services to T-Mobile.

Design services have included the performance of site design walks and the preparation of lease, zoning, and construction drawings. In addition, C&S has provided geotechnical investigations, structural reviews for existing towers and rooftops, and structural designs for existing tower and rooftop retrofits. C&S has also provided topographic and boundary surveys, environmental reviews, such as phase I and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and assistance with applicable permitting.

A typical T-Mobile site consists of antenna installations on unmanned towers, water tanks, or rooftops. C&S, however, has also designed more specialized installations including both raw land and stealth sites. T-Mobile’s radio equipment is typically installed on a concrete pad or steel support frame.

Design fees for services provided to T-Mobile have totaled approximately $1.7 million.