Onondaga Community College Mawhinney Hall Office and Classroom Renovations

Mawhinney1 Mawhinney2C&S design renovations to offices and classrooms for multiple departments at Onondaga Community College. This work was completed in two phases over the course of consecutive summers. The first phase work involved classroom and office renovations for the Social Sciences Department on the second and third floors, including the relocation of the college president’s office suite. C&S created double and single person offices for tenured staff as well as joint offices for adjunct professors. In addition, smart classrooms were designed to accommodate 35 students to align with the campus standards.

The second phase involved the renovation of the south classroom wing on the first floor, mimicking the work completed previously, as well as the main lobby. The main building lobby serves as a central meeting point for students and staff and is being upgraded from its 1970s-era styling through the addition of modern finishes that compliment the original terrazzo and brick work. A food service vendor facility and a national bookstore were incorporated into the overall design, which required utility upgrades and furnishing layout and planning.

Working with large groups of end-users can be a complicated mix of technical and political issues, but our use of interactive design charettes to discuss and graphically depict design greatly expedites the process. Using the very same smart technology that will be incorporated in the completed classrooms, our architects were able to do quick design sketches and graphic representations to gain staff support.