Akron Fulton International Airport On-Call Engineering Services

C&S Companies was retained by the City of Akron to provide general consulting services to Akron Fulton International Airport beginning in 2007 and has selected C&S for another five year that will last until the end of 2016. The airport is a general aviation facility, located in Akron. It has 26,000 operations per year and is home to 84 based aircraft. The airport has one FBO that is a full-service facility. There are two runways with non-precision instrument approaches. C&S’s general consultant services to the airport are ongoing and include the following assignments:

  • Determination of Runway 7-25 thresholds
  • Construction administration of runway end identification lights and circuitry
  • Review of FBO leases
  • Consulting for proposed airport development
  • Runway 7-25 pavement maintenance
  • Grant assistance
  • Airport management consultation
  • Rehabilitation of Taxiways B, C, D, and P
  • Construction of Runway 25 PAPI and relocate Runway 7 PAPI
  • Rehabilitation of Taxiway P
  • Marking plan
  • Master plan update