Detroit Metro Airport On-Call Engineering Services

The Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) selected C&S to perform general architectural and engineering services at Detroit Metro and Willow Run airports for a five-year term beginning in 2005. The selection encompassed a wide variety of projects including airfield, land side, environmental, and facilities projects. Many of these projects were included in the airport’s capital improvement program.

  • Runway 4L/22R and Taxiway Q Pavement Analysis—The WCAA needed assistance in preparing final construction test reports for in-place portland cement concrete pavement. C&S used the original construction test results and performed percent within limits calculations as required by FAA specifications. The final test reports prepared by C&S also included documentation and analysis of the in-place pavement.
  • Super Bowl XL pavement analysis—C&S helped the WCAA determine the strength of the existing taxiway shoulder pavements for parking aircraft during the weeks around Super Bowl XL held in Detroit on February 5, 2006.
  • Runway 3R/21L RSA/navaids study—C&S prepared a study and final report for the RSA of Runway 3R/21L
  • Runway 3R/21L navaids improvements—Phase I included modifications and improvements to the approach lighting systems at both runway ends. Phase II included modifications and improvements to both approach lighting systems, relocation of the Runway 3R localizer antenna array, runway safety area grading, and relocation of airport access roads outside the runway safety area.
  • Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) Program—C&S helped the WCAA secure a VALE grant of more than $5 million, which was used to support three capital components of the new North Terminal.
  • Engineering study for Taxiways P4, M4, and M6—C&S analyzed the existing taxiway layouts and provided alternatives and recommendations for improving the geometry, lighting, signage and makings.
  • Roadway pavement analysis—C&S completed an engineering study to compare alternative road construction methods including concrete, hot mix asphalt, and high strength hot mix asphalt
  • Runway extension analysis for Runway 4L/22R— The analysis included identifying feasible runway extension lengths at both ends of the runway and the use of declared distances.