High-End Resort Complex Model

Rendering of guest room sink area

C&S has been is providing a building information model for a high-end resort complex that will allow facility managers to quickly track down maintenance issues from a centralized location. The BIM model will allow a facility manager to find all shutoff valves, circuit information and fire protection services for each room in the building.

Guest room sink area with the walls faded to expose the piping

To provide this unique service, C&S gathered mountains of drawings and data, performed field reconnaissance, and interviewed staff. Once the data was collected, the resort was modeled a the BIM application called Revit. The client will navigate through the model using a BIM application called Navisworks. This will allow the facility maintenance staff to find a shutoff to a room, then alert other guests that their rooms are on the same service and that the water will be shut off for a period of time. This approach also allows the staff to analyze the piping as if there were no walls. This is especially helpful to find cleanouts, fittings and electrical conduit.

The models are populated with all of the design data, circuitry, and MEP systems associated with the building. This level of detail will help the client during future construction by keeping bids tighter, and design costs low. It also allows the resort’s engineering services department to quickly analyze the intended loading of the system and to check that system in real-time to insure the unit’s performance is being met. 

Also tied into the model is a complete set of manufacturer data, cut sheets, MSDS and maintenance records. When a unit is nearing service, the staff will know ahead of time. When the item is taken off line, the model will be used to see exactly which rooms will be affected.