Clay Low-Pressure Sewer System

Horseshoe Island is located in the Town of Clay on the Oneida River. The shoreline of the island has been developed for many years, and the island currently has 122 homes. Many of the homes’ septic systems have become ineffective because of the condition of the soil and fluctuation of surface and groundwater levels in the area. To alleviate the problem of septic system overflow into the Oneida River, the residents of Horseshoe Island petitioned the Town of Clay to form a sewer district and seek funding for a sewer system for the island community. The island’s topography and its distance from an existing sewage treatment plant presented several challenges to C&S. We began by evaluating several options, including a composting system and a gravity system to major pump stations. Ultimately it was decided that the best option to provide the Horseshoe Island residents with a reliable and affordable sanitary sewer system was a low pressure sewer system connecting with the Oak Orchard Sewage Treatment Plant. Features of the low-pressure sewer system include:

  • Individual grinder pumps
  • Seven miles of low-pressure force main
  • Connection to the Oak Orchard Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Directional drilling under a barge canal
  • Directional drilling of force main
  • Bond act funding

Each phase of the project was delivered on time and within the allotted budget. Island homeowners are happy to have a solution to their recurring septic system problems. C&S provided full-time construction inspection on the project. This project received a Platinum Award for Engineering Excellence in the Category of Water and Wastewater from the American Council of Engineering Companies, New York Chapter.