Eastern Municipal Water District Recycled Water Storage Facility

In 1991, the Eastern Municipal Water District was directed by the Environmental Protect Agency to halt the discharge of recycled water into the Santa Margarita River in Temecula, California. As a result of the notice from the EPA, the district designed and constructed a pipeline from their Temecula Treatment Plant to a storage facility site located in Winchester.

The storage facility was built in 1991 on a 40-acre site at the northwest corner of Simpson Road and Leon Road. In 2007, the district elected to increase the storage capability of the facility and contracted with C&S to design the storage facility expansion. As part of the expansion, the slopes of the pond facility were protected with a “soils-cement” treatment. This process was used by combining the mixture of 300-pound cement with the native soil on site. The treatment was approximately one foot thick and has been used throughout the country in similar scenarios. The facility’s capacity is approximately 700 million gallons.

This purpose of this facility is to allow the district to transmit recycled water from the treatment plants in Temecula to be stored and then distributed to areas within the district that require recycled water, such as parks, golf courses and area that have a large irrigation demand. The facility has a pumping plant that is capable of transmitting the recycled water several miles to the end users.