Onondaga Community College Academic II Building

OCCAcademicIICM1OCCAcademicII_2C&S was the construction manager for a new LEED Gold certificed academic building that spans the Furnace Brook gorge known as Academic II. This facility houses the music department and has eight smart classrooms, a 150-seat recital hall, numerous practice rooms, and offices as well as a 200-seat choral/instrument rehearsal room. The building is nestled into the natural surroundings and provides an enclosed passageway between the east and west side of campus. A glass curtain wall on the north and south side of the building reveals views of the gorge.

This two-story truss building is 320 feet long by 80 feet wide. The clear span structure is perched 50 feet from the floor of the ravine. The complexity of the structure and the topography proved to be a challenge for the project team. The foundations were uniquely designed using a combination of caissons, micro piles, and rock anchors. The staging and constructability of the three main trusses were critical. Aerial lifts from within the base of the gorge were needed to provide access.

The interior of the building incorporated many acoustical provisions, including sound-rated walls and doors, acoustical wall treatments, sound-rated floor assembly, acoustical clouds and acoustical curtains. The building finishes also used many rapidly renew resources, primarily bamboo. Bamboo flooring was used in the offices and practice rooms as well as the Recital Hall and rehearsal rooms. Bamboo veneers were also applied to all of the doors throughout the building.