Onondaga Community College SRC Arena and Event Center

C&S provided construction management services for the new SRC Arena and Event Center which will be conected to the existing physical education building and next to the athletic field. The arena itself is a 200 by 300 foot, pre-engineered metal building. Onondaga Community College will utilize the new arena for athletics, music, local events, as well as commencements and trade shows. The design incorporates a running track and playing surfaces for sports such as volleyball, tennis, and basketball. Three walls of retractable bleachers and temporary floor seating will give the college the ability to seat a grand total 6,500 spectators for such events.

This project also includes a 4,500-square-foot fitness center that was completed simultaneously with the rest of the arena.

The existing OCC pool was decommissioned to hold two new floors. The new space is powered from electrical, emergency electrical, and plumbing/fire protection equipment housed in the lower level of the college’s existing pool. New classrooms were built on the main level of this redesigned space.

The SRC Arena and Event Center is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, achieving credits in the areas of indoor air quality, energy usage and efficiency, materials, and resources, and lifelong sustainability.