Auburn Enlarged City School District Ventilation Controls Upgrade

Auburn High School used 25 exhaust fans for ventilation. When operating simultaneously, these fans were capable of exhausting far greater quantities of air than the supply units could provide under minimum outside air conditions. This resulted in massive negative pressure, freezing coils, and many other adverse building effects. The system was designed in 1998 and although a control methodology was vaguely described, there were no details. Subsequently, no modulation ability was ever provided.

C&S’s energy department evaluated the system and developed a solution that could adapt to any of the air handler or building operational conditions. The solution had the capability to monitor and adjust based on outside air, humidity and building pressures.

Once installed, the system eliminated the constant use of 13 exhaust fans and held two new large variable frequency drive fans at 25% of power during minimum outside air conditions.

The project saves approximately $40,000 per year in heating, cooling and fan motor costs. The State Education Department funded the project and was eligible for $30,000 of utility incentives. This resulted in a positive cash flow for the school in the first year.

This project received a 2012 Gold Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies New York Chapter.