Brookfield Power Office Remodel

Brookfield Power was in the process of trying to combine their regional office in Syracuse with other offices, including the main Northeast office in Massachusetts. They needed offices for support personnel and wanted to remodel a maintenance building in Fulton to handle these additional staff. The Fulton office was dated, with a basement that was used as a storage area and by the maintenance staff. It had an overhead door used for trucks loading and unloading various equipment and supplies. The floor was concrete and sloped to a center drain. There was also a moisture issue in one corner. Brookfield Power wanted to level the floor, correct moisture issues, and create a professional business area from what was essentially a garage.

Floors were leveled, walls installed, heating was redistributed, a new floor was installed, and a new handicap accessible vestibule entryway replaced the overhead door. New sidewalks, driveway and landscaping completed that part of the project. The new area contains cubicles for more than 20 employees with 2 new offices and access to bathrooms.

The upstairs conference room also needed to be updated, with new walls, flooring, and kitchen break area. The front of the building was also renovated to include a new entry door to replace an overhead garage door.