Madison County Energy Efficiency Improvements and Energy Study

C&S conducted an energy study and implemented energy conservation measures (ECMs) into multiple buildings on the county government campus, with funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. C&S assisted the county with the funding application process and completed a detailed energy study in a very short timeframe.

The energy study involved a review of existing building plans, interviews with facility personnel, and field investigations of the building’s architectural, electrical, and mechanical systems. Energy usage meters were placed on HVAC equipment motors and carbon dioxide meters were installed in building air handing return air systems. Energy bills were gathered and analyzed to help focus on the areas where the most potential for energy savings would be realized. From this, specific ECMs were identified and included in the energy study. These ECMs were then included in the design documents used for the construction portion of the project.

The energy efficiency improvements included items such as spray foam insulation, window replacement, caulking, door weather stripping, exterior wall/insulation/siding replacement, replacement of low-efficiency electric motors with premium efficiency motors, and building HVAC control upgrades. Many of the energy efficiency measures will provide a payback period of five years or less, and continue to save the county energy and costs for years to come.