Alfred State Natural Gas System Capacity Study

C&S conducted a study to determine the existing capacity of the natural gas system on Alfred State College’s main campus and to identify changes needed for future construction. The college is moving toward decommissioning the central heating plant and installing satellite boilers at each building. There is also a desire to provide natural gas generators at many of the buildings.
The college has 10-year facilities master plan detaling how the college will be constructing new buildings and adding them to the existing gas system and demolishing five existing buildings.
C&S’s study determined that the existing natural gas system is undersized for existing loads and will need extensive renovations to prepare the system for satellite boilers.

The current campus gas main and building services are approximately 30 years old. There are various sizes and pipe material throughout the campus. Most locations of the gas main are untraceable due to either no tracer wire installed or broken tracer wire along the pipe. The campus has 5 psi on the gas distribution system and each building has a regulator to control the pressure into the building.

C&S documented the existing underground utilities using existing drawings, site review and a survey. C&S outlined a potential path for the new gas mains and completed a survey of existing grading and underground utilities the new gas main will cross. The design concluded that new service lines should be installed to the east and north ends of the campus to provide gas to the current furthest buildings and future buildings. The existing main gas line coming from the meter house to serve the campus will need to be upsized. Some gas lines on the existing system will be capped to maximize potential capacity of this line.