ARRA Compliance Assistance and Monitoring Services

C&S developed a database tracking system for the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation to help document and manage on-site compliance and monitoring of construction progress for projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This web-based software application is completely customizable, with individual features and processes that can be tailored to specific needs. The database is secured and accessible to authorized users only via the internet. Inspectors, consultants, and NYSEFC staff access the database and update it daily. The tool helps the NYSEFC staff track and monitor project progress. Unlike traditional small database applications, users only need to enter information once and it is automatically displayed in multiple sections of the application.  The system includes:

Calendar—A tracking calendar organizes and monitors the frequency of consultant site visits on all projects. Inspectors use the calendar to schedule visits and prevent schedule conflict. Scheduled visits on the calendar are color coded based on checklist status —scheduled, in progress, submitted, and approved. Users can filter the calendar to view visits based on status, a specific region, or individual inspector

Checklists—The application tracks and maintains two types of inspection checklists during the site visits—technical inspection and MWBE & EEO. Because of the massive amount of information that must be documented in each checklist, C&S developed several tabs. Inspectors are able to upload documents, including photos and scanned PDF files, and link them into the checklist. Inspectors going back for a follow up visit at the same site have all the previously collected data at their fingertips, allowing them to focus on non-compliance items instead of starting from scratch.

Document Management—The application maintains a document management and storage system for data and reports related to all NYSEFC ARRA projects within New York state. This tool allows authorized individuals to access all documents created or uploaded. Uploaded documents are linked to the appropriate record. The system is also designed to allow synchronization with NYSEFC’s internal document management system.

Reports—The application enables users and managers to generate several reports. Reports are generated with a click of a button and can be created for a certain period and for certain regions. For example, users can create a report of all non-compliance issues in a certain region between specified dates or view a list of all visits with approved checklists. Reports can be presented in customized tables or charts.