Baltimore Washington International Airport NoiseLandTrack

NoiseLandTrack is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, web-based database application that C&S developed to manage acquired noise land inventory, reuse and disposal plan for airports. The application was customized to meet Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport’s needs. It allowed the airport to manage the inventory of parcels acquired through Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program funds. Geographic information system maps formed an important part of the application and were used efficiently to track information about parcels spatially. The application was designed using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET version and framework along with AJAX tools for a superior user experience and reliability. Microsoft SQL Server was used as the platform for the relational database behind the system. Only authorized users can access the system through the login page. NoiseLandTrack provides a way of tracking information related to parcels during various stages of the process through different modules such as Parcel, Owners, Funding, Compatibility, Events, Documents, Acquisition, Disposal and Map.

  • Parcel module—tracks information such as the address, tax id, current status in the process (acquisition, disposal, easement, etc.) and also to indicate if the parcel is a noise land parcel or not.
  • Owners module—stores information about past and current parcel owners. The application allows one owner to own multiple parcels, eliminating duplicate parcel owners in the system.
  • Funding module—tracks funding sources along with the totals and percentage contribution of each funding source for a parcel.
  • Compatibility module—handles information related to noise contours, land use, zoning and proposed use.
  • Events module—stores information about all events and communications such as phone, email, etc.
  • Documents module—Stores scanned copies of paper documents along with information about each individual document.
  • Acquisition module—tracks information related to acquisition and information about multiple appraisals.
  • Disposal module—manages information related to the disposal of a parcel. In case of a disposal by sale, it even allows the airport to split existing parcels.
  • Map module—displays a live GIS map pinpointing location.
  • Statistics section—lets the airport search for parcels based on multiple criteria . These parcels are then automatically color coded on an interactive map.

BWI NoiseLandTrack is a robust application that uses the latest software and web development techniques. Since it is a web based application, there is no expensive equipment necessary to run the software. Authorized users can securely access all of the available information from any internet connected computer.