Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Land Inventory and Reuse Plan

C&S developed an inventory of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s acquired noise land and a reuse and/or disposal plan for all airport-owned land acquired under airport noise compatibility programs using FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds. The project was conducted in accordance with Grant Assurance 31, which requires disposal of land that is no longer needed for noise mitigation or airport development and reinvestment of any funds received from the sale of those lands. With 469 noise land parcels to work with, C&S developed a limited-access, internet-based geographic information system/information management database to allow the sponsor to manage the inventory of parcels acquired through AIP funding. This database includes:

  • Parcel number
  • Tax ID number
  • Address
  • Existing land use
  • Existing zoning
  • Current and past ownership
  • Funding source
  • Release approval date
  • Current DNL
  • Proposed DNL
  • Proposed use
  • Disposal status
  • Map of parcel
  • Photo of parcel

With the database in place, a reuse and disposal plan was coordinated with the airport that took into consideration the number of parcels sold, revenue associated with them, the number of parcels the airport needs or anticipates needing for airport uses in the future, and how many parcels can be released for future sale. The final report, which included the inventory, reuse and disposal plan and a financial analysis of the grants, sales, and repayment plan, was submitted to the FAA by the nationally set deadline.