Oakland County International Airport LeaseTrack

Oakland County International Airport (OCIA) is the premiere corporate and general aviation airport serving Oakland County, Metro Detroit, and Southeast Michigan. OCIA is the nation’s 6th busiest general aviation airport and was a formerly decommissioned airbase. Many aircraft services are offered, including fixed based operators, Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control tower, U.S. customs service, hangars, tie-down parking, ground transportation, and rental car service.

C&S’s in-house application development team customized our LeaseTrack software to manage building leases. C&S tailored the individual features and processes to satisfy all the client’s requests. For each tenant, the application tracks the rental rates, term dates, tenant contact info, and building-specific information about utilities. Using each lease’s date and rental rate, LeaseTrack automatically generates a payment schedule used to track whether payments are being made on time.

In addition to tracking lease details and rent schedules and payments, LeaseTrack also manages other lease-related information, such as insurance/insurer information, tenant communications and meetings, and expenses associated with each tenant.

One problem encountered with traditional hard copy lease management systems is the inability to effectively address all of the key dates (lease term dates, rent due dates, insurance dates, and other lease dates) simultaneously. LeaseTrack has a built-in reporting system that affords a view of all dates currently expired for all lease properties. This report allows users to preview a schedule of upcoming dates and expiration information. Lease managers can use this information to address upcoming ­issues before they occur.

LeaseTrack’s user-friendly interface means any airport authorized user can access the information, make necessary changes and updates, enter new data, and more. Because LeaseTrack is web-based, there was no expensive equipment for the county to purchase, and users securely access all of their information from any Internet-connected computer.