Tallahassee Regional Airport Commercial Economic Development Master Plan

TallahasseeRegAirportC&S performed a market scan of economic uses for more than 1,000 acres at the Tallahassee Regional Airport. To support land use planning and development concepts for airport property, a series of development concepts were market tested in order to shortlist those concepts having the greatest market potential given the attributes of the property, local and regional market context, and prevailing industry trends. An initial work session was conducted with the client to brainstorm and identify a master list of potential uses supporting the client’s goals and objectives. These uses focused on aggressive take-down of the property and generation of lease revenues during two absorption periods. The analysis included grouping uses to form specific development clusters such as technology or business parks as well as investigating how to optimally create centers of excellence that could support large-scale development footprints. Based on market research, the shortlisted concepts were further defined and tested for their preliminary feasibility for deployment on site to generate new revenue streams. The research focused on attributes such as physical site and locational requirements, required market fundamentals, transportation access, prevailing trends for growth or expansion, and general tenant availability. Ultimately, C&S’s work product provided the necessary insight to the planning team to produce land use plans responsive to market opportunities and constraints.