Tampa International Airport Market Assessment and Land Use Planning

As part of a consultant team, C&S provided services in support of a master plan update for Tampa International Airport, which is owned and operated by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority. Services included the assessment of aviation-related and non-aviation market conditions with the goal of identifying potential development opportunities to diversify and enhance potential revenue streams for the airport. The analysis focused on development opportunities for airport land assets located within the airport’s east side and south development areas as well as interim opportunities within the North Terminal area that would not preclude future development of planned terminal facilities within that area. After conducting a real estate portfolio review, which included an inventory of existing leaseholds and their performance, C&S researched, benchmarked, and analyzed industry trends to identify potential on-site market opportunities and developed a list of potential land uses. A general assessment of market supportability for these identified land uses, given the local attributes as compared to industry requirements, was performed to test viability of specific concepts that leverage Tampa International Airport’s attributes and land assets to their highest and best use. Following the inventory and market assessment tasks, C&S worked with the consultant team to develop conceptual land use plans to illustrate what potential forms development opportunities might take and to identify implementation activities necessary to realize the properties’ full economic potential.