Watertown Housing Authority Exterior Renovation and Landscape Design

C&S designed an exterior renovation for East Hills Apartments in Watertown, NY to increase energy efficiency, create more inviting public space and soften the institutional look of the existing buildings. The project scope included architectural and landscape improvements to a 7-acre site with fourteen two-story buildings. The new architectural design broke up the long, narrow buildings by introducing veneer stone and alternating colors/patterns of vinyl siding. New front porches with peaked roofs over each entry divide the linear form, creating a personal scale. All windows and doors were replaced and new trim offers architectural interest. Handicap access was provided for each unit with a combination of concrete ramps and gently graded pavements.

The new site design incorporates 18,000 square feet of permeable paver walkways to capture and slow stormwater run-off. Central walkways were designed with a center island to break up the linear nature of the common front yard. New vinyl fencing was designed to increase privacy between individual units while maintaining access for mowing and visibility between rows of buildings for safety.

Heavy-duty solar bollard lights were integrated to define the central walkways and add subtle night-lighting. Other site amenities included recycled plastic benches, bicycle racks and clotheslines. The landscape plan incorporates native and adapted plants that soften the building lines, provide shade and seasonal interest and thrive with minimal maintenance.

This project was designed using Revit 3-D modeling for rendering, materials selection, and color.