In 1999, the staff of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) were concerned that their program’s ability to finish well was in jeopardy. More than 250 homes had been completed by this point, but there were a number of outstanding issues that related to lack of follow-through and attention to detail by the consultant that had worked on the program to that point.

The Kenton County Airport Board, owners and operators of CVG, selected the QuieterHome Program to assume leadership of the program, with the confidence that the team would guide the program to a successful finish. At the outset, our team of experts convened in Cincinnati to conduct a thorough evaluation of the program, including interviews with homeowners, contractors, suppliers, building department officials, and airport staff. At the end of this process, a presentation was made to airport staff summarizing our recommendations for program enhancements.

At the same time, C&S relocated our project manager to Cincinnati for the duration of the project. Since relocationg our project manager to Cincinnati, the program has completed all of the homes identified under the previous FAR Part 150 Study, and is on track to complete an additional 262 homes identified in the 1999 updated to the FAR Part 150 Study.

A significant challenge in the “new” program was the fact that many of the homeowners eligible for the project were unwilling to apply for the project because of some of the issues related to the “old” program and they had the perception that the airport would purchase their homes if they elected not to participate. Working together with CVG staff, the QuieterHome Program team launched an outreach effort to inform these homeowners that their only option was sound attenuation and that the program had made significant improvements to the process. This effort produced a participation rate of 82 percent in the “new” program that far exceeded the original expectations of CVG staff.