C&S Companies Headquarters Sustainable Landscape Plan

The C&S Companies developed a sustainable master plan for our corporate headquarters in Syracuse, NY, in an attempt to improve the use of the land surrounding our building site. As we develop more sustainable solutions for our clients, we knew it was important to make our own workplace as sustainable as possible.

A sustainable master plan guides development of a site based on economic, social and environmental needs. In other words, the plan must be financially feasible, must provide a setting for healthy, productive living, and must integrate environmental stewardship into operations and development. The plan must address current needs as well as those forecasted in the future. The site plan includes:

  • New permeable pavement systems that allow storm water to recharge the groundwater on site.
  • Enhancement of the storm water retention basin with wetland plantings
  • Increased woody vegetative cover with native trees and shrubs
  • Conversion of conventional turf to no-mow meadow areas
  • Dedicated areas for recycling and composting
  • On-site employee gathering areas and walking trails, plus linkage to off-site walking routes. These improvements are synergistic with our employee wellness program.
  • Reserved priority parking for low-emission vehicles and bicycle racks
  • A demonstration green roof
  • Interpretive signage throughout the site to educate users of the value of sustainable improvements.

Workers install the permeable pavement walking trail

Currently in the process of developing a sustainable landscape and hardscape management plan, guided by the LEED system for Existing Buildings—Operations & Maintenance. This plan includes:

  • Outdoor integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Erosion and sediment control for ongoing and future projects
  • Recycling of landscape waste for compost and mulch
  • Minimizing use of chemical fertilizers
  • Best management practices to reduce environmental impacts of maintenance equipment, snow and ice removal, cleaning and maintenance of building exterior, sidewalks and pavements.