Lincoln Supply Building Renovation

C&S designed a sustainable renovation of the Lincoln Supply building, a vacant four story, brick façade, industrial building, with the goal of achieving LEED Gold certification. The first two floors are dedicated to commercial use, with the upper two floors dedicated to residential space for artists to live and work. Specialty building systems and design concepts include:

  • Green roof
  • Living wall
  • High performance windows and insulation systems
  • Geo-thermal heat pump system
  • Heat recovery ventilators for residential spaces
  • Building energy performance analysis as required by LEED
  • Renewable energy systems including solar photovoltaics and solar hot water
  • High-efficiency lighting systems
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Eco-machine for on-site treatment of building waste
  • Pervious pavement system for parking areas
  • Bio-swales and rain gardens
  • Urban garden

Building systems are designed with future expansion and adaptability in mind, allowing the facility to adjust to changing conditions and future uses. As an example, each apartment on the upper two floors are designed with a chase to permit installation of conduit or piping from a utility room to the roof of the building. This allows for future installation of renewable power systems, such as photovoltaic or solar thermal. The intent of the project is to holistically integrate the residential space with commercial, site, and community elements. In addition, the demonstration elements were developed, such as real-time dashboards showing carbon emitted, energy consumed and related measurements of ecological and economic impact.