Onondaga County Climate Action Plan

C&S was retained by Onondaga County to assist in the development of the county’s climate action plan. Onondaga County has committed to combating climate change by becoming a Climate Smart Community and formed several committees focused on the development and implementation of policies, procedures and practices that will achieve that end.

C&S provided technical assistance in the development of Onondaga County’s climate action plan to help it reduce its carbon footprint. The climate action plan details the method and schedule to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with operations within Onondaga County. Typical reduction measures include reducing fossil fuel consumption in municipal buildings and vehicles, to improving solid waste management practices, as well as implement in sustainable practices in the community through land use plans, zoning and building codes, through policies dealing with roads and public transportation, and by leading, educating and setting an example of energy efficiency.

C&S provided assistance in verifying the existing baseline GHG inventory, identifying and evaluating specific GHG reduction measures, recommending cost effective measures and policies to reduce the county’s carbon footprint, and determining potential funding sources. Ultimately, the technical assistance will lead to the development of a climate action plan for Onondaga County’s building and operations. As part of the project, C&S facilitated a charrette with Onondaga County department leaders to discuss the county’s current programs, policies, and procedures; identification of activities, sources and sinks of GHG; as well as listing of potential emission reduction measures. The principal topics included energy, fleet management, sustainable landscaping, forest management, and green purchasing policies.