K-12 Education

C&S provides energy performance contracting, construction management, Qware computerized management and maintenance software, and engineering support to K-12 schools across the region. We have a solid resume of experience on both new facilities, additions, and renovations. We have extensive first-hand knowledge of the crucial elements necessary for the successful construction and operation of K-12 school facilities. We provide services for all our clients’ needs, including:

  • Construction management for new facilities, renovations, and additions
  • Energy performance contracting to help schools lower energy costs
  • Site/civil infrastructure development
  • Q Ware computerized maintenance management software

State Education Department Experience

C&S’s experience includes initial project need evaluations, concept programming, concept design, preliminary budget, projected construction aid calculations, and State Education Department document requirements for capital projects. We have worked closely with SED-assigned project managers and architects. Our experience also extends to conducting project review meetings for school boards, public meetings, and pre-referendum informational meeting and public comment. C&S has completed many forms of SED documentation, including letters of intent, preliminary submission, final submission, certification of completion, building evaluation forms, annual inspections, building condition surveys and five-year plans.