Air Quality

Our goal at C&S is to help airport sponsors seamlessly maintain or achieve compliance with air quality standards, while allowing staff to concentrate on their core business of efficiently moving passengers. Expert teams provide the planning, technical, and management support necessary to allow expansion projects to proceed without delays caused by air quality or environmental concerns.

Successful approaches employed by C&S involve early identification and coordination with stakeholders such as the FAA, national and state regulatory agencies, and community groups. Clear and timely communication not only increases each organization’s understanding of projects and their impacts, but minimizes future conflicts. On-staff grant specialists maximize available funding opportunities from federal and state sources, develop necessary documentation requirements, and ensure proper closeout. Finally, we maintain schedules and budgets in accordance with client expectations and funding requirements.

  • Air quality management plans
  • Greenhouse gas inventories
  • Emission source inventories and emissions modeling
  • Environmental assessments / environmental impact statements
  • Alternative technology assessments and design
  • VALE Program applications
  • Permitting and coordination with regulatory agencies
  • Construction emission reviews
  • SIP modification assistance
  • Conformity evaluations
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analyses
  • Aviation emission reduction credit documentation
  • Full project management
  • Community relations
  • Grant assistance