When faced with tough environmental issues, you need an experienced partner to help you cut through the red tape and move your airport project swiftly to completion. Our diversified staff of environmental scientists, planners, biologists, geologists, and engineers has the expertise needed to assist you in meeting regulatory requirements and overcoming technical hurdles. With a long history of successful environmental projects for our airport clients, C&S has both the technical background and familiarity with FAA requirements to complete your project in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Environmental Planning
C&S approaches every airport project with the goal of enhancing value to the social, environmental, economic, and political life of the community. Our interdisciplinary staff prepares airport environmental studies to meet all requirements outlined in FAA Order 5050.4B Airport Environmental Handbook. C&S has additional expertise in integrated airport/community planning; environmental quality analysis and management; wetlands/ecological studies and wildlife hazard plans; mitigation design and implementation; environmental management systems; and GIS/Web applications.

Environmental Management Systems
The goal of an environmental management system (EMS) is to reduce the negative impact that an organization or facility has on its environment. It is essential that an organization understand the benefits of a comprehensive, professionally developed EMS. While it can be tempting to just implement the quickest, least expensive option, this is rarely the best solution long-term. Investing appropriately up front will result in a better quality, more effective system that will serve an organization for years into the future. A well-designed EMS can help an organization meet and exceed environment regulations, avoid costly litigation, improve public perception, improve efficiency, save money, and protect the environment.

The best way to manage an EMS is through an environmental management information system (EMIS), a management software tool that organizes and tracks essential data. C&S’s in-house application developers designed an EMIS that pairs an easy-to-use interface with sophisticated database capabilities. C&S’s EasyEMS software tracks environmental assessment information and related documents. The system also tracks relevant work orders, employee training, and metrics to assess the impact of implementing specific actions. C&S’s EasyEMS is a secure web-based system that any user with the proper security clearance can use from any Internet-connected computer worldwide. The user-friendly interface means that users need little to no training to get started. Another advantage of the web-based application is that any updates and changes to the program can be made seamlessly from C&S’s office, helping to keep the system up to date and accurate at all times.