Grants Administration

C&S has full-time grant administrators to manage the avalanche of paperwork involved in securing funding for airport projects. C&S has administered nearly 300 individual grants for more than 30 airports nationwide. The total dollar value of those grants totals more than $225,000,000. Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant projects require an overwhelming amount of documentation. Grant applications, reimbursement requests, supporting documentation, and submittal of required FAA forms can rapidly consume the already overextended staff of even the largest airport. C&S assumes this burden for its clients. We have prepared the applications and all other required federal and state paperwork associated with planning, engineering, and construction projects for many of our clients. All that is required of the sponsor is for the appropriate individual sign in the proper locations, and C&S takes care of the rest. As a result, our clients receive prompt and regular reimbursements from the FAA and the state.

We are thoroughly knowledgeable of program requirements. We have developed a familiarity with FAA regulatory documents by administering the entire grant process for many of our airport sponsors, conducting regular programming meetings with FAA Airport District Office personnel, and working closely with FAA headquarters and regional staff. Our professional staff and full-time grants administrators work every day under the guidelines of FAA Order 5100.38C, Airport Improvement Program Handbook, that governs the eligibility of all FAA-funded projects, including noise mitigation programs. C&S has excellent relationships with the funding and regulatory agencies, relationships that benefits our clients when funding decisions are made. C&S’s sound professional relationships with officials from the FAA regions and state DOTs foster timely approvals and overall support of wide-ranging project initiatives.