The aviation industry including the FAA has recognized the importance of integrating sustainability into airport planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance. By embracing the Airports Council International – North America’s definition of airport sustainability (ensuring Economic viability, Operational efficiency, Natural resource conservation and Social responsibility, or EONS), airports see that there is much more to sustainability than environmental stewardship. C&S’s passionate and skilled sustainability professionals (including LEED Accredited Professionals and Envision Sustainability Professionals) help our clients balance the benefits and impacts to the four elements while identifying synergies among them.

We implement sustainable plans, designs, and construction projects that can greatly reduce resource consumption and environmental impacts while improving the health, well-being, and productivity of the end users. When experienced aviation professionals incorporate sustainable philosophies early in a project, the initial cost can be kept in balance, and substantial savings over the life of the project can be realized. Not only do we provide strategies to integrate sustainability into our clients’ projects, but we also offer tools for their implementation such as guidance to achieve federal approval and assistance with funding. Based on our longstanding relationships with the FAA, we understand which elements may be eligible for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding and how to comply with federal requirements while still making strides in sustainability.

Our sustainability services include:

  • Sustainability management plans and sustainable airport master plans.
  • Waste and recycling plans, including waste audits to comply with FAA requirements.
  • Integrating sustainability into design and construction projects while meeting FAA requirements. This includes facilitating charettes to set goals, identify sustainability opportunities, and gain sponsor commitment.
  • Air quality management plans and climate action plans, including air emissions inventories.
  • Seeking, evaluating and applying for sustainability funding.
  • LEED administration and training for sponsor staff.
  • Administration of the Envision rating system for horizontal projects.
  • Evaluation, siting, and facilitation of renewable energy technologies.