BIM Consulting

C&S’s building information modeling consulting team, led by national expert and author Eric Wing, can help your organization enter BIM Nation and thrive there. If you are in the business of designing and building, you simply cannot afford to be left behind as the technology surges ahead.

Our BIM consulting services include:

  • Organization audit of design processes/standards, BIM readiness
  • Management consultation, goal-setting, planning (see, also, BIM for Bosses)
  • Cost and ROI assessment
  • Implementation strategy
  • User support and troubleshooting
  • Redirection/repair of subpar application performance

Our advantage over software resellers:
Designers serving designers—that’s how we like to think about our approach to consulting. Software resellers live in a theoretical world where everything is taken, and presented, at face value. This truly does not work, as many firms have had to find out the hard way.

The C&S advantage is the fact that we practice what we preach every day—and can prove it. Further, we are not tied to sales of any particular product; we help you find the application that best suits your team’s needs. In the end, you benefit most from a consultant that has the vision, practical project experience, and fortitude to drive challenging but critical concepts home.