BIM for Bosses

Now that the acronym BIM is catching up to CAD in popularity, owners, managers, and supervisors must clearly recognize the differences between the two. Back when the switch from hand drafting to computer aided drafting was happening, the differences were pretty obvious. Put down the pencil and start pushing the mouse. After almost two decades of pushing that mouse, however, the differences between building information modeling and basic drafting are cloudy at best. We are all using computers to produce construction documents, and some of us have been “modeling” in 3D long before the BIM buzzword came within earshot. This begs the question: “What results should I expect to see from these applications that we just bought, or are about to buy?”

This half-day seminar is designed to explain the end goal of using BIM in your firm, the processes needed for a seamless implementation, and the hard facts in getting there. As importantly, “bosses” will be given a realistic view of what to expect, and what not to expect, once BIM is up and running.