Construction Phase

Our field staff remain assigned to projects for their duration. During construction, it is crucial to maintain commitment from the contractors, the project team, and owners regarding the project schedule and phasing to complete the work with minimal disruption. Thoroughly conceived work plans must be developed, approved, and executed; continuous communication is the key. An important function of our field staff is to review and follow up with contractors to ensure that the work is completed in accordance with the contract documents and accepted before the contractors de-mobilize from the site and payments are released.

Standardized Protocols
Our full-time internal controls team supports construction teams throughout the project. Each job is reviewed by this department as a matter of protocol. Our clients benefit from our ability to check a set of plans with a “new set of eyes” for constructability and bidability. Additionally, standardized document and scheduling protocols are used in the form of the latest construction management software, such as Expedition, Primavera, and Timberline which provide client with an organized manner of reporting and documenting disputes, delays, and change orders.

Problem Solving and Identification
Identifying and solving problems are skills that make our staff stand out in the construction industry. We excel at identifying problems early and working toward creative, cost-effective, and realistic solutions. Lessons learned from previous projects help us identify innovative and practical solutions to new challenges. However, every construction project is different, and we make sure to analyze the specific situation and circumstances of problems on each job instead of just applying a cookie-cutter solution. Our team members have been trained to identify potential problems early on in the project development process—before the actual construction begins.

Quality Control
Our goal at C&S is to exceed your expectations. Quality controls for a project begin at the initial scoping stages and continue all the way through completion. Quality control is not just a final review of the bid documents, but a day-to-day effort by all team members. Expectations for the project need to be identified early, including the community at large and the consultant team. These expectations are incorporated into the project work plan and continually reviewed to make sure they are met. As part of the project team’s quality assurance program, peer reviews and overall quality reviews are conducted at each stage of the project. The CM team reviews the project at each design phase for potential constructability and logistical issues and provides estimates and overall budget review. We can also monitor major scope components for adherence to the project plan. At the construction document phase, a constructability review can be performed in addition to the peer reviews to ensure a complete and coordinated set of documents.