Pre-Construction Phase

During pre-construction, our goal is to communicate and plan effectively with all stakeholders in order to ensure that the project develops with the least amount of changes and the best possible bidding environment. We employ various techniques for achieving this, such as chartering sessions, constructability reviews, value engineering, bid language reviews, communication plans, and setting project controls. Our experience is that we can usually affect the nature of the project by implementing good pre-construction. Our track record reflects this and includes many projects where the full scope and quality of a project was delivered while at the same time saving months of construction time and/or tens of thousands of dollars.

Conceptual Master Schedule—We develop and implement a detailed master conceptual schedule to help control time and money. During the conception of the schedule, we establish the necessary milestones to achieve program goals, such as any phasing, equipment inventory, swing space usage, or storage. The schedule and phasing plan incorporates a critical “contractor’s perspective,” including the level of detail that a contractor would use to build the project. Our CM staff has hands-on general construction, engineering, and design-build experience. We also have the benefit of an in-house, full-service engineering, architectural, and specialty contracting firm. This will allow our team to receive input as needed, particularly for mechanical/electrical trades. We work with the project team to establish a conceptual master critical path method (CPM) schedule that incorporates the design, construction, and closeout phases of the project. This master CPM schedule will include specific intermediate milestones for the design phase, including gate reviews, and incorporates a detailed conceptual CPM construction schedule. During construction, we prepare a coordinated computerized original baseline schedule based on the input from the prime contractors and the project team. This schedule is the basis for progress monitoring to determine if the prime contractors are completing their work on time.

Project Budget—In concert with our conceptual scheduling efforts, we review and comment on the conceptual cost estimating efforts of the design team. These estimates are used by the project team to analyze and refine the project work scope. Using our extensive knowledge of the local area construction marketplace, we will ensure that project cost estimates accurately reflect the local economic climate. At one$43 million new school campus project, our construction cost estimate came within tenths of a percentage point of the construction bids. At another $60 million project, our construction cost estimates came within 1.5% of the construction bids.