Pre-Referendum Services

C&S’s construction management and marketing professionals offer a number of pre-referendum services to help school districts bring their capital projects to fruition. Our project executive leads C&S’s efforts from pre-referendum into the pre-construction phase, managing the daily duties of the C&S team through pre-referendum, including coordinating C&S’s scheduling and estimating efforts, and attending the project team planning meetings, public meetings, and presentations. C&S’s sophisticated marketing department is also available to support the project team with the production of newsletters, mailings, PowerPoint presentations, graphics, and other materials. During pre-referendum, our project manager works closely with our project controls staff to develop and refine the conceptual master schedule and estimate and provide other technical support as needed. C&S’s project controls team develops and refines the conceptual master schedule and estimates throughout pre-referendum and pre-construction, and during construction to update the schedule and provide second estimates as needed.

Assistance with Public Informational Meetings

Our pre-referendum experience coupled with our sophisticated communication specialists make a winning combination when it comes to supporting informational meetings with the public. Our professionals are skilled at presenting technical, detailed information in simple, understandable ways for the public. We have conducted informational seminars statewide with project teams consisting of owner’s representatives, architects, financial advisors, and attorneys and are adept at communicating with the public about capital improvement projects. Our marketing department has extensive in-house capabilities to provide graphics, drawing boards, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, briefs, and postcards to support public meetings, public relations, and information campaigns and to provide another set of qualified eyes looking over public relations efforts as needed.

Project Status Reporting to the Board of Education

Regular project status reporting to the district and the board of education can begin during the pre-referendum phase and continue through pre-construction, construction, and closeout until the project team deems it is no longer necessary. The report can include an executive summary and updates on schedule, budget, quality control and can be submitted monthly or as otherwise required by the district.