Construction/ Design-Build


C&S is one of very few firms structured to provide both comprehensive design and construction services. With extensive architecture, engineering, and construction expertise all under one roof, we can streamline the planning, design, and delivery of everything from small renovations and additions to major reconstruction and large-scale new builds. Our clients cover a wide range of markets, including industrial/commercial, K-12 and higher education, government and military, airports, and private developers.

Our approach is founded on the integrated project delivery (IPD) method, which focuses on collaboration among all members of a design and construction team from the outset of a project. By bringing together experts in all trades and phases of a project early on, efficiency is improved, waste is reduced, and costs and schedule can be more accurately predicted and controlled. Because the IPD process focuses on full team interaction and a steadily evolving progression of the project, more well-rounded solutions are developed. IPD also aligns with LEED projects and green design, enabling sustainable features to be integrated early in the process, minimizing costs and maximizing effectiveness.

The value of IPD is further enhanced by the use of sophisticated technology tools, such as building information modeling (BIM) and energy modeling. BIM enables a team to design an entire project in three dimensions, identifying early on where potential issues may exist and resolving them before they become problems in the field. Energy modeling helps designers make a building as energy efficient as possible, saving considerable operational costs over the life of the facility.

C&S’s professional consulting and construction capabilities cover every phase of a project. The IPD approach can take many forms, depending on the scope of the project and owner procurement requirements. To meet the needs of each individual client and project, we employ a number of contracting methods.

  • Design-build: C&S performs a preliminary design and scoping effort to determine a project’s budget, schedule, and cost, and then enters into a design-build contract to complete final design and construction.
  • CM-at-risk: We hold the prime contract and manage the project using primarily subcontracted construction labor. This method is usually completed on an open-book basis with a contractor fee.
  • Engineer-procure-construct: This method is typically used in industrial/process or systems installation projects that have established performance requirements. C&S delivers the design, equipment, and construction to satisfy the project needs.
  • Energy performance contracting: After conducting an energy audit or evaluation, C&S identifies energy saving measures and develops a program and financing strategy to implement those measures into the capital project costs. The upgrades are paid for over time through the energy savings.
  • A-E-C consulting (agent): C&S provides design, construction management, and/or inspection services, on a fee basis as an agent of the owner, but is not responsible for performing or guaranteeing the actual construction.

In addition to these project-specific approaches, C&S provides ongoing facility-wide operations software solutions, service, and maintenance to support our clients.