Concrete and Building Services

From simple sidewalk repair to masonry or brick repair, the turnkey services provided by C&S are the fast-track answer for maintaining, repairing, or modifying the appearance of a building or site. Whether a cosmetic or a crucial component repair, our staff of experienced concrete professionals can tackle any of your needs. Concrete and building specialties include:

  • Formed and poured wall systems for retaining walls, equipment foundations, and spill containment
  • Suspended deck and floor slabs
  • Sidewalk and entryways
  • Machine foundations
  • Trench drains
  • Sump installation
  • Column protection and reinforcement
  • Wall penetrations
  • Loading dock installations
  • Re-jointing and brick replacement
  • Repair to spalled and other water damaged block or brick walls
  • Masonry color restoration/correction
  • Concrete and masonry waterproofing by power-washing and use of VOC-compliant sealers
  • Stone and brick paver replacement