C&S has the specialized skills to repair and maintain architectural and ornamental stone and masonry façades, walls, and columns. Let our knowledgeable craftsmen, engineers, and architects protect and enhance your facility. Fixing small problems at their onset prevents them from turning into major issues—and major costs—later. We have been involved with dozens of historic building analyses, renovations, and restorations on buildings dating back as far as 1817. C&S is adept in deciphering and planning for the restoration of building façade systems and documenting historic buildings according to the demanding requirements of the Historic American Building Survey (HABS). Our services include:

  • Caulk and erosion repair
  • Breathable waterproofing systems at façades
  • Vertical and horizontal expansion joint repair
  • Masonry unit replacement
  • Removal and subsurface repair and re-mortar
  • Re-setting of components
  • Mortar joint rehabilitation
  • Repair to spalled or otherwise water-damaged block or brick walls
  • Stone and brick paver replacement
  • Brick and stone façade restoration programs
  • Restoration of shelf angles and lintels

Installation and Repair
C&S’s concrete and masonry specialties include:

  • Formed and poured wall systems:
  • Retaining walls
  • Equipment foundations
  • Spill containment
  • Suspended deck and floor slabs
  • Sidewalks and entryways
  • Machine foundations
  • Trench drains
  • Sump installation
  • Column protection and reinforcement
  • Wall penetrations
  • Loading dock installations
  • Concrete and masonry waterproofing by power washing and use of VIOC-compliant sealers